Daoist Lifestyle and Tea Appreciation Classes

Combining, tea appreciation, qigong, and practical teachings for Daoist living, Daoist Lifestyle tea classes offer an integrated learning experience, for bringing the practices and principles of Daoism into you own life.

Customizable to fit needs of a group or situation, the classes emphasize the embodiment of the teachings, actually living a day as a Daoist in domestic life, through simplicity, ease, and balance.

The principles of Daoist living are best communicated in a relaxed atmosphere, which sharing tea certainly is. Similarly, the heart of tea appreciation is best imparted in person, over a warm cup of tea.

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What to expect in the classes:

While each class is different, the basic building blocks of the classes are:

Living the principles: live the day of a Daoist, in accordance with the cycles of the day, the seasons, and the principles of yin and yang. 

Tea appreciation: an intimate space where the fundamentals of tea appreciation, as well as the subtle points that turn this activity into a meaningful personal ritual, can be shared in such a way that everyone leaves with the tools they need to bring tea into their own lives. 

Daoist Principles: the Daoist theory behind contented living, the down-to-earth advice the makes Daoism as applicable today as it was in ancient times.

Qigong: a set of traditional lineage based body exercises for increasing strength, flexibility and circulation, called qigong, which are interspersed throughout the class.


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