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Sharing my love of tea

The BYOtea club is the heart of Daoist lifestyle tea, giving me the opportunity to share the culture and method of tea appreciation with you over time, while introducing you to a variety of outstanding teas each season.

BYOtea and Pottery Club

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Blog posts

  • Moving to Pittsuburgh

    Dear Friends, Trinley and I are so excited to be moving to PIttsiburgh! The shop is closed for the next few weeks as a side effect, but will open u...
  • Looking the part

    When you drink tea, looking the part in your wares, and even attire can be part of the fun. Entire cultures arising around tea in many countries al...
  • Three steeps of how it feels

    I was sitting at a table outside, at a retreat center in France, with just about an hour left before I had to travel to Paris to catch a flight bac...
  • How-to-guide for preparing your tea with skill

    When we talk about appreciating tea, we are often saying, "How do we get the most out of these leaves?" At the same time, when you ask any long tim...

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