nameful styles

The names Daoist lifestyle tea and BYOtea hold the essence of this style tea appreciation.

Daoist lifestyle tea is how tea can support a life of health, virtue and balance.

Health, because drinking the right tea is good for the qi, and can harmonize someone with the seasons and the rise and fall of yin and yang throughout the day.

Virtue because similar to the Confucian ideal, refinement of consciousness and thus virtuous living can be learned, practiced, reinforced and displayed through art, culture and contemplative practices such as music, calligraphy, poetry, cooking, gardening, and of course, tea.

Living a balanced life, in this case, is the encouragement to slow down and have time in self-reflection, relaxed socializing, or excursions into nature, to balance our often demanding and hasty ways of living. 

BYOtea was coined when Michael Busby brought his own tea to Berlin, and his friend was surprised. He said, "Should we go find a coffee shop? Oh, wait, or have tea? That might be harder." Seeing the package of tea on hand he said, "No way, did you bring your own tea?".

The name lends itself to many humorous moments. It is easy to spell and remember. At the same it captures the Daoist style of going into nature and bringing along your tea as companion for sitting leisurely, floating down the river, stroking the clouds, entering the mountains, or any number of other activities. It is additionally a practical modern lifestyle enhancement to have good tea on hand, which can bring elegance (and cost-effectiveness) to daily life. 

Our goals are two-fold, to provide a window into above described world of Daoist Lifestyle Tea for subscribers, and to supporting artistic exploration and the flourishing of contemplative culture, appreciation, and slower simpler and more natural ways of living in our business relationships.

The service was created by Michael with the encouragement from his Daoist teacher, and is also a constant collaboration with many good tea friends along the way. It is facilitated by the internet, but based on sharing warm cups of tea.