About Daoist Lifestyle Tea

Waking with the sun and sleeping when it gets dark, not over exerting and yet getting exercise in your day, living in accordance with the seasons, treating the people you meet kindly and not getting involved with schemes, competition and anxiety causing ambitions— this is the simple advice for how lead a long and healthy life, thousands of years old, written down in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.

While it’s natural to get sick from time to time, the message of Daoist wisdom is that health of body and mind are already present from the start. Of course, it’s good to have ways of bringing our bodies into health, considering how unlikely it is, in this day and age, that we have the ability to live simply, seasonally, and carefree. Lifestyle is thus not about a trendy way to be a more fashionable consumer, but is actually the foundation of good health, in the Daoist view. Herbs and other medical treatments, are considered a back up plan. Even qi gong, which is likened to medicine that you practice on yourself from within, is a way of getting back into health, that is considered in the category of “back up plan”.

Daoist Lifestyle Tea is thus founded on one level, as a way to simply celebrate our natural health, as well as the wonderful and enriching world of tea, which has played such a unique and enchanting role in shaping culture. Secondly, it is a way  to attune with the seasons in the world, and with the cycles in our own bodies, in order to realign with vitality in our sometimes not-so-spacious lives. The tea itself is like an herb, making a drink that is not exactly medicinal, but is none the less supportive of our bodies and energies. The rituals each of us form around tea connect us to simplicity, to the elements, and to our physical immediacy. When we need space, we can make it. When we have it, we can relax and play in it.

BYOtea was coined when Michael Busby brought his own tea to Berlin, and his friend was surprised. He said, "Should we go find a coffee shop? Oh, wait, or have tea? That might be harder." Seeing the package of tea on hand he said, "No way, did you bring your own tea?".

The name lends itself to many humorous moments. It is easy to spell and remember. At the same it captures the Daoist style of going into nature and bringing along your tea as companion for sitting leisurely, floating down the river, stroking the clouds, entering the mountains, or any number of other activities. It is additionally a practical modern lifestyle enhancement to have good tea on hand, which can bring elegance (and cost-effectiveness) to daily life. 

Our goals are two-fold, to provide a window into above described world of Daoist Lifestyle Tea for subscribers, and to supporting artistic exploration and the flourishing of contemplative culture, appreciation, and slower simpler and more natural ways of living in our business relationships.

Michael Busby, owner of Daoist Lifestyle Tea, is a practitioner of the Daoist arts of health and longevity, as well as being a practitioner of tea appreciation. BYOtea is a way for him to share his practice of tea with others, and to embark further into the world of with the community that continually evolves.

This service was created by Michael with the encouragement from his Daoist teacher, and is also a constant collaboration with many good tea friends along the way. It is facilitated by the internet, but based on sharing warm cups of tea.